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I believe that it is very important for my clients to tell their own life stories, however incomplete, embellished or muddled those might be.

As my clients allow themselves to speak up, by attending to their own life narrative there might be the possibility to consider a different way of thinking and explore not yet explored possibilities. Whatever my client seeks should have merit and deserves consideration. Suddenly, by offering a space there might be a chance for understanding yourself a bit more.

It might be possible to illuminate a dark corner of the client’s mind and soul even if for a brief moment. Consequently, such fleeting moments might demonstrate the client’s abilities to uncover a bit more about themselves. This might help client’s recovery and wellbeing as through self-knowledge their decisions can become more tailored to their actual needs and desires.

As a therapist, I do understand that my clients open themselves to pain and suffering during our sessions, thus I am respectfully allowing my clients to navigate as well as fully participate in such difficult process of discovery. I attempt for our sessions to be collaborative endeavours with client’s finding creative ways of exploring their ways of being.

In that spirit, it is also vital to not hesitate to challenge my client’s views and make our exchange a fertile ground for apprehending other possible perspectives. In such space client’s world might be turned upside down, but eventually, it might be a beneficial and life-changing opportunity to those who dare attending therapy.

I am acknowledging that struggle-free life is a pure myth and would never hesitate to say so to my clients. I am honestly attempting to stay open, honest and foremost respectful to my client’s individual needs, but without retreating into a protective mode of being “therapist only” as I am also a human being in the room very aware of my own personal struggles.

I make utmost effort to hold my clients in space as much as possible to demonstrate my immense respect to their decision to open themselves to pain, suffering, emotional vulnerability and overall demands of the therapeutical process including the possibility of change.​

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